Sandal and the Whiteknights Yorkshire Blood Bikes

Sandal are proud of our partnership with Whiteknights Yorkshire Blood Bikes and during these challenging times their efforts have never been more important. We caught up with the Whiteknights to see how their service has been affected and how our i3 is helping the effort.

Since the country went into lock down on 23rd March 2020, Whiteknights Yorkshire Blood Bikes have responded to over 200 call-outs to urgently transfer Blood and Pathology samples between Hospitals in Yorkshire. The BMW i3 electric vehicle supplied by Sandal BMW has been used to support this service in West Yorkshire. In response to the Coronavirus Pandemic we have now become a 24/7 day-time and night-time service to meet the evolving logistical needs of Hospitals in the region as they modify their clinical services to combat the virus. We have been called upon to support NHS Hospitals by collecting blood samples from temporary phlebotomy testing sites - six times daily - for testing at Laboratory Medicine centres.

For the benefit of the independent Hospice network we have been collecting and delivering essential medications and controlled drugs to the homes of Shielded Palliative Care Patients. This has been a considerable contribution to the safety of front-line Care Nurses and their patients by reducing their exposure to the risk of infection from Coronavirus. We’ve also transferred urgent medical records, NHS laptop computers to Doctors working remotely, and COVID-19 testing swobs to Yorkshire Prisons.

Finally, we have seen a marked increase in the recent participation of national relays where we have assisted in the urgent transfer of Blood Samples journeying from Bristol to Newcastle.

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