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BMW wheels and tyres can make a daily difference to the performance, safety and dynamics of your ride. When choosing a tyre there are many factors to consider such as EU tyre labels, should you choose run flats, do you need to swap tyres when the temperature drops? We are available for expert advice on all of these topics.

Genuine Light Alloy Wheels and Tyres from Sandal are even more dynamic, more stylish and fully compliment the Ultimate Driving machine and help to finish the overall appearance of the vehicle.


Available from less than you think, all of our BMW Star Rated tyres are value checked daily. Tyres with the BMW Star marking are specially developed and tested by BMW in collaboration with leading tyre manufacturers to provide this harmony and ensure optimum performance, comfort and safety.

We stock a wide range of BMW approved Tyres in stock with access to a same day ordering on many others.


When the temperature drops to below 7°C, standard tyres can harden. This means that the adhesion, performance when braking, accelerating and taking corners can be compromised. By fitting BMW winter tyres from Sandal, you can ensure that your BMW will reach optimum performance in the colder months.

If you would like bespoke advice and pricing please complete the form here and we will be happy to send you the information you need. 


M Performance Wheels are the perfect way to individualise your BMW. There is a range of M performance wheels available to enhance the look and performance of your BMW all inclusive of the iconic M Badge. There are a range of options including track, road, winter and summer. Speak to one of our advisors at Sandal who can help you decide on the best wheel and tyre combination for your requirements.


The legal limit of tyre tread is 1.6mm. It is a legal requirement to ensure that the tyres on your BMW are above this limit. You should check the tread and pressure on your tyres ideally every 2 and always before a long journey. Sandal will do a visual health check of your BMW every time we see your car in one of our workshops. We will do a check and report of your tyres and provide you with appropriate advice and a competitive quotation should you need to replace your tyres.