Charging Ahead: Where Can I Charge My BMW Electric Vehicle in My Local Area?

Welcome back to "Charging Ahead," your go-to blog series for navigating the world of BMW electric vehicles (EVs). In previous episodes, we’ve covered everything from choosing and maintaining your BMW EV to understanding delivery updates and service options. In this eighth episode, we explore a crucial aspect of EV ownership: finding convenient charging stations in your local area. Whether you’re running errands or planning a longer journey, knowing where to charge your BMW electric vehicle is essential for a seamless driving experience.

Convenient Charging While You Shop.

Many supermarkets now offer electric vehicle charging stations in their car parks, making it convenient to top up your BMW EV while you shop. Here’s why supermarket charging stations are a great option:

Accessibility: Supermarkets are often centrally located and easily accessible, making them ideal for quick charging sessions during errands or grocery runs.

Amenities: While your BMW EV charges, take advantage of nearby amenities such as shopping, dining, or other services offered by the supermarket.

Charging Speeds: Depending on the charger type, you can typically find fast chargers that allow you to quickly replenish your vehicle’s battery while you take care of your errands.

Charging Solutions for Commuters.

Located strategically for commuters, places like Stourton Park and Ride offer dedicated EV charging infrastructure.

Here’s why it’s a beneficial option:

Commute-Friendly: Park-and-ride locations are designed for commuters, providing ample parking spaces and convenient access to public transportation.

Charging Facilities: These locations often feature multiple EV charging points, including rapid chargers that can significantly reduce charging times for your BMW EV.

Integration with Public Transport: Use the opportunity to combine charging with public transport options, optimizing your daily commute and reducing your carbon footprint.

Embrace the Convenience of Local Charging.

With the growing availability of charging infrastructure in local areas, owning a BMW electric vehicle has never been more convenient. Find charging at supermarkets, your local gym, service stations, park and ride facilities. It's easier than ever to find local charging by using the My BMW App to find nearby stations, you have the flexibility to power up your BMW EV wherever your journeys take you.

Using the My BMW App to Find Charging Stations.

Navigating your local area for charging stations is made easy with the My BMW App. Here’s how you can use it to locate charging stations near you:

Search Functionality: The My BMW App allows you to search for nearby charging stations based on your current location or a specified area. This ensures you always know where to find the nearest charging point, whether you’re at home or on the go.

Filtering Options: Filter your search results by charger type (e.g., AC or DC), availability, and compatibility with your BMW electric vehicle. This helps you choose the right charging station that meets your vehicle’s requirements.

Real-Time Updates: The app provides real-time information about the status of charging stations, including availability and pricing (if applicable). This ensures you can plan your charging stops efficiently and avoid unnecessary delays.

Ready to discover convenient charging solutions near you? Download the My BMW App or visit our website for more information.

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