BMW i7 exterior
BMW i7 interior
BMW i7 exterior
BMW iX1 exterior
BMW i7 interior
BMW iX1 exterior


As you might expect from models with energy-efficiency at their very core, the i Range has been meticulously designed to glide along the road effortlessly with streamlining and expert contouring being clear to see. From the compact i3 and i3s which is ideal for city life, to the sporty BMW i4 Coupé and the courageous iX with BMW’s latest Shy Tech controls, every model within the range brings unique, breath-taking and modern style elements.


As a technology-enhanced, forward-thinking BMW series, the i Range promotes eco-friendly motoring without compromising on performance. The i3 and i3s, for instance, have an all-electric range of 193 miles, which means both models can travel from London to Brighton and back again without needing to be recharged. On average, electricity only costs 16.6p per KW hour, compared to petrol which costs £1.30 per litre, so you’ll be saving money as you re-energise your i3.

Hybrid models combine both an efficient engine with an electric motor and battery for a faultless performance. The i8 Coupé releases CO2 emissions of up to only 42g/km whilst exceptionally lightweight materials help to reduce drag and deliver unmatched sportiness. As for the Roadster, this capable powerhouse boasts the latest eDrive technology as well as a three-cylinder engine, which accelerates from 0 to 62mph in just 4.6 seconds​.

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BMW i4 iX Range


In having an all-electric vehicle powered solely by an electric motor, that is battery-powered, provides a significantly cheaper option than petrol and diesel. It produces zero driving emissions and more energy-efficient than traditional cars due to the reduced body weight.


Electric vehicles have fewer moving parts compared to a combustion engine.

On electric vehicles there are just three components – the on-board charger, the inverter and the motor. The BMW high-voltage batteries also come with eight years, or 100,000 miles warranty, whichever comes first.

At Sandal, we offer bespoke service and maintenance packages to support your requirements.

BMW i4
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Striving forward has always been at the heart of BMW. Electric BMW vehicles are no exception. Discover the latest advances, from battery charging as you drive, and the car technology that links you, your car and your smartphone.    


The UK government is committed to helping people and businesses embrace electric driving technology. There are grants available for purchase of electric vehicles, your home charging point and even your business to help you make the switch; from tax breaks, workplace charging scheme to Benefit In Kind incentives.

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Easy to charge ‘green energy’ solutions from your home or work or at one of the 26,000 public charging stations
With zero driving emissions, you can even charge your car from your own home solar panels driving the optimal sustainable solution.
TECHNOLOGY UP TO 193 MILES ON ONE CHARGE The torque from the electric motor provides an instant acceleration and a single charge can take you on upto 193 miles of adventure without needing to recharge.
Balanced by a LifeDrive architecture; combining an aluminium module and an ultralight passenger compartment model of high-strength carbon-fibre.
DESIGN INCLUSIVE NATURAL LEATHER Unique and exclusive high quality trims throughout is available to complement the unmistakeable BMW I range with its sporty and sustainable design.
TECHNOLOGY CONNECTED YOUR WORLD Features like ConnectedDrive and the BMW Connected+ app provide captivating driving experience, whether it’s must-have entertainment or real-time information.