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What is a Plug-In Hybrid?

Demand is growing for hybrid and electric models from the traditional petrol and diesel cars as we see the promoted benefits of economy, low CO₂ emissions and lower running costs.

As a pioneer of electric cars, BMW offers an extensive range of electric cars across plug-in hybrid (PHEV) and solely electric formats. They are the vital steppingstone between the standard combustion engin and a zero emissions future.

These hybrid vehicles are fitted with a combustion engine and a small electric motor, assisting the engine and even allowing short distances in more urban areas upto 30 miles per hour to be driven without any fuel. Plug-In hybrids allow a great distance to be driven by electric alone and providing the added benefit of lower running costs, reduced emissions, and an exceptional driving experience. Whether electric powered or combustion through use of Efficient Dynamics, both can allow the vehicles to operate independently or in tandem, offering the same level of range and convenience of a traditional engine to deliver a perfectly responsive drive. Where longer journeys require a greater degree of acceleration, maximum efficient can be achieved.

A Plug-In hybrid has a larger battery pack, which requires charging from an electricity supply. Once fully charged, the journeys completed can be far longer before the fuel powered engine has to turn on to help power the car. The Plug-In hybrid can operate just using electric power, just the conventional engine or a combination of both, providing extra power for motorway driving where significant acceleration is required. Even though the hybrid relies on the use of a combustion engine the overall emissions are low as it defers to electric mode where possible, where there is no emission at all.

Charging options

The expanding charging network is constantly evolving across the UK as well as the convenience option of charging at home.

Public Charging

The network is continually expanding to ensure that drivers can remain charged on the move. In partnership with Chargemaster, the BMW ChargeNow service can be used with the BMW integrated navigation system, the BMW Connected App or the BMW ChargeNOw homepage. This provides cashless and monthly billing providing an overview of all charge events and costs with access to over 7,000 location nationwide.

Home Charging

Most people choose the convenience of charging from home. All BMW Plug-in Hybrid models come equipped with charging cables compatible with any domestic 3-pin power outlet. The cycle takes between 5-10 hours (0-100%) so that they can recharged overnight or during work hours. Where a wall box home charging unit can be fitted, the charge cycle runs approximately three times faster. 

Key Benefits of going Hybrid

More and more people are choosing to make the step towards the Plug-in Hybrid models with combined engine clearly due to the benefits they offer:

  • All models are classed as ‘ultra-low emission vehicles’ with CO₂ emissions of less than 62 g/km to 27 g/km depending on model
  • The combination of the combustion engine and an electric motor allows each to operate on its own or combination.
  • The low cost savings can be made on your annual road tax or Benefit in Kind company car tax.
  • They provide the flexibility of enjoying almost silent electric driving. Whilst the petrol-electric combination still offers typical BMW driving dynamics and efficient petrol power for longer journeys.
  • All BMW Plug-in Hybrid models can be ordered with its wide range of model styles, colours and wheels can be selected.
  • There are a myriad of features and functions have been created specifically for BMW Plug-in Hybrid models. Newly purchased, they have the ability to pre-heat or cool the car ahead of a journey, to enhanced navigation intelligence that optimises electric power and maximises fuel efficiency.

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Plug- In Impressive Technology

BMW eDrive technology delivers exceptional performance, adaptability, and efficiency. The BMW TwinPower Turbo petrol engine works in conjunction with a high voltage lithium-ion battery powering a BMW eDrive electric motor delivering a responsive drive with all the efficiency benefits. The electric and petrol engine work in tandem or independently to deliver its powered energy.

There are several drive modes for the driver to select and some of the models have battery control function that allows a specific charge level of the battery. The car is then powered by the petrol engine until the battery charge level is completed. This then provides options for you reserve your electric charge or boost your charge on different parts of your journey route.

The car is powered by the petrol engine until the required battery charge level is reached and maintained. This provides an option to reserve sufficient electric charge for certain sections of your journey or simply want to boost your charge status without the need for stopping.

All BMW Plug-in Hybrid models (excluding the BMW i8) now utilise fourth generation battery technology which has improved energy capacity which provides improvements in electric range as well as overall efficiency.

Current BMW Plug-In-Hybrid models

Current BMW Full Electric models