Sandal can fit and supply a range of enhancements to ensure you stay connected and get the best out of your BMW. 


BMW Advanced Car Eye 2.0 is a highly sensitive full HD camera that captures events both in front and behind the vehicle, even at night and when it is parked. Thanks to intelligent radar technology and G sensor, disturbances and extraordinary movement can be detected outside the vehicle and distinguished from normal movement. The camera automatically records the situation in order to document possible accidents or (attempted) break-ins. It comes with a 32GB SD card and records 24 hours a day.

The BMW advanced car Eye can be fitted by Sandal and can be your best defence against a non fault accident. 



The BMW Head-Up Screen displays various vehicle and navigation information on a transparent display inside the vehicle. The screen is placed at the height of the steering wheel. All information is thus in the direct field of vision of the driver. The driver no longer has to look away from the road and can read all relevant information at any time.

For vehicles with navigation system (option 606/609) and instrument cluster with extended contents (option 6WA).

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Fitted at your BMW Center

Fitting time: 60 mins



There are five separate hand gestures that can be used. Four are automatically assigned to specific commands with one open gesture that can be set to your preferred feature. The assignment of the Gesture Controls can be checked and your preferences set within the 'My Vehicle' settings.

Learn more about Gesture Control.

My BMW App

The My BMW App.

The new My BMW app* is a direct connection to your vehicle, even when you’re not sitting in it, and to the world of BMW.

* Please note that not all the My BMW App features are available on all BMW vehicles and that app features are dependent on model and specification.

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These are just some of the technologies which can either be retrofitted or ordered with your BMW. To enquire about the options for your BMW get in touch.

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