Pioneering the drive of the electric revolution, BMW offers an extensive range of electric cars across Plug-In hybrid (PHEV) as well as the solely electric formats. Plug-In Hybrid vehicles are the stepping stone breaching the standard combustion engine and a zero emissions future.

The Plug-In Hybrid vehicles are fitted with a combustion engine and a small electric motor allowing distances 30 miles per hour to be driven without any fuel. They allow a greater distance to be driven emission free, and customers are switching to reap the added benefit of lower running costs, reduced emissions, and an exceptional driving experience. The Plug-In Hybrid can operate just using electric power, just the conventional engine or a combination of both, where extra power for motorway driving maybe needed as acceleration occurs.

Through the use of BMW Efficient Dynamics, the Plug-In Hybrid delivers the perfectly responsive drive. The large battery pack, once fully charged, supports the electric motor charge before the combustion engine has to turn on to help power the car.


More and more people are choosing to switch towards the Plug-in Hybrid models as they offer environmental, practical and cost saving benefits. 


All BMW Hybrid models are classed as ‘ultra-low emission vehicles’ with CO₂ emissions of less than 62 g/km to 27 g/km depending on model. When driving in electric mode, has zero emissions whatsoever, which is far better for the environment. In addition, it’s easy to charge with ‘green energy’ from your home or work or at one of can be supplemented by the 1000’s of charging stations around the UK.


Electricity is around two-thirds cheaper than petrol or diesel. Many electricity providers are now even offering specific home electric vehicle tariffs which could make your running costs even cheaper.

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BMW eDrive technology delivers the perfect performance, adaptability, and efficiency. The BMW TwinPower Turbo petrol engine works in conjunction with a high voltage lithium-ion battery powering a BMW eDrive electric motor delivering a responsive drive with all the efficiency benefits. 

Several drive modes offer choice to reserve your electric charge or boost your charge on different parts of your journey route. All BMW Plug-in Hybrid models (excluding the BMW i8) now utilise fourth generation battery technology which has improved energy capacities to the electric range and efficiency, design to last the vehicles lifespan of the vehicle, with eight years, or 100,000 miles warranty, whichever comes first.  


All BMW Plug-in Hybrid models have a wide range of styles, colours and even wheels can be selected as well as a myriad of features and functions. Newly purchased, they can even pre-heat or cool the car ahead of a journey, to enhanced navigation intelligence that optimises electric power and maximises fuel efficiency.

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To explore the BMW Plug-In Hybrid model range in detail, please contact your local Sandal BMW Centre for more information or to arrange a test drive.

A ‘low emission’ vehicle with the ability to drive distance through combining electric motor, battery and impressive fuel consumption, keeping emissons low and more in your wallet.
INNOVATION STYLE & SUBSTANCE From pre-heating or cooling the car, to enhanced navigation intelligence optimising the use of the electric vs fuel efficiency, innovation from BMW drives you and your adventures.
RANGE EXPAND YOUR ADVENTURE BMW provide the ultimate range of Plug-In Hybrids. Whether its an executive BMW 530e Saloon or a superior BMW X3 xDrive30e SUV, BMW have the choice to suit your preference and needs.
TECHNOLOGY 360 DEGREE ELECTRIC Electrifiying power of seamless e-mobility: energy, transparency, control, safety, security, and flexibility. Enjoy innovative technologies and inspiring design.
TECHNOLOGY INTELLIGENT INNOVATIONS From pre-heating or cooling the car, to enhanced navigation intelligence optimising the use of the electric vs fuel efficiency, innovation drives your adventures.
TECHNOLOGY CONNECTING YOUR WORLD Connect with a range of BMW Connected Drive Services for safety and comfort which include Time-to-Leave, Real-Time-Traffic notifications and concierge services.